Monday, February 04, 2008

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Pretty Good Privacy

A free encryption software program that is the de-facto global standard for E-mail and file privacy. Pretty Good Privacy (or PGP) offers full-strength, 128-bit encryption. PGP has constantly been upgraded over the years and now offers loads of useful features, including secure file wiping; advanced keyserver searching; and seamless integration with Qualcomm's popular Eudora E-mail client. There's also an E-mail plugin for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Claris Emailer. Available for Windows, Macs, DOS and Unix. (Free for noncommercial use only).

  • U.S. law prohibits export of PGP to non-U.S. residents. However, there is now an "International" version of PGP, compiled and developed outside the U.S., which is available for non-U.S. residents to download. It's available here.


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