Monday, February 04, 2008

Live Writer Tests

Just playing with Windows Live Writer.  Some of the software in the table below is considered to be a "virus/trojan" by some virus scanning applications.  I use all except for ScramDisk - which I added to the list just because it looks interesting to try...I'd like to see if I can recover the files it "scrambles".

Pretty Good Privacy
TrueCrypt - Encryption
NetCat - Networking Utility
Ethereal - Protocol Analyzer
Back Orifice - Network Administrative Tool


Live Writers insert map feature.  The random location I picked happens to be a military installation someplace in the SouthEast.   I also added a caption.

Somewhere in the SouthEast

Insert Tag feature:

Photo Editing feature - including watermarks, effects, and other advanced editing tools:


My annual donation & good deed...adopting the little feller above to help with the efforts to save the Orangutans.  His name is "Sen".

This blog was created using Windows freeware application, "Live Writer".


Anonymous said...

Sen looks just like his daddy. :-þ

PammiePi said...

I think he resembles his mom a bit more with that wild, reddish hair of his... :-P