Saturday, September 22, 2007

Problems installing Flash 9 on XP systems - IE 6 & 7

I had this vexing problem some time back w/ IE ver 7 (surprise) being able to display Flash content (ver 9). (This problem also occurs in IE 6). Everything I tried at the Macromedia support site (now Adobe) did not work. Editing the registry was not possible because of permissions issues.

Finally, I happened across a fix which worked:

"If you have any problems installing Flash Player on WinXP systems, see/do this: thing's been giving me fits for 4 months on an already troublesome enough system I maintain. Tried everything in the book prior to this, nothing worked. This does. Takes a while to run that Permissions Reset tool from the command line, but once it's done, Flash will install the way it should."

Hopefully, this will help someone else. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! It worked for me. :-)

PammiePi said...

Kewl! Glad this helped someone else! :-)